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    The US food service industry is transforming. From Baby Boomers to Generation Z, parents are increasingly demanding healthier options. Parents will pay more than ever for high quality, scratch food and are increasingly demanding full transparency into ingredients, nutritional value and preparation processes. Where most food establishments can’t, Wholesome Tummies delivers. And we are seeking proven leaders to drive and manage rapid growth of this fresh from scratch, kitchen to table, healthy food delivery concept.

    "Food tech companies are the next fast food."
    according to TechCrunch.com in July 2014

    As an innovative leader in the food tech revolution, we are on a mission to transform the quality of food we eat. From an operations perspective, the relative costs of real estate, food prep, delivery are going to determine the fate of food chains. The pressure to increase efficiency and drive down the costs in these companies will be great and intelligence and skill will become centralized in the form of software.

    Prepare yourself. It's not a trend. And you're not too late. This is just the beginning.

    Awarded one of the "Freshest New Franchise Concepts" by Entrepreneur Magazine, Wholesome Tummies Franchise is a fresh food and technology company at the right place and the right time. We seek community leaders with the ability to drive and manage rapid growth of this fresh from scratch, kitchen to table, food delivery concept.

    KIDS: Kids today are unhealthy. Experts predict that 50% of Americans will be obese by 2030 and 33%. With 60 million kids in school and half of a child’s daily calories consumed there, we can make a huge impact in the health of children by giving schools a healthier option.

    PARENTS: Parents are busier than ever and too often, due to a lack of time and healthy choices, they feed kids out of convenience not nourishment. Parents need options they can feel good about. With Wholesome Tummies, parents can personalize orders based on their kid’s favorites and dietary requirements and even set their program to autopilot with healthy meals delivered every day.

    SCHOOLS: Schools today have few choices. With limited healthy options available, schools face similar hurdles. Many schools resort to serving fast and processed foods, contributing to the biggest health crises of our time.

    Kids are sick, parents are frustrated and schools need a solution. Wholesome Tummies delivers.

    By feeding our youngest generation of children, parents form an emotional bond with the Wholesome Tummies brand that keeps them coming back for more. Parents think of our brand first when it comes to healthy, fresh, affordable and convenient food for their families enhancing customer lifetime value, unrivaled brand loyalty and lifelong relationships built on trust.

    How We Are Leading the Charge
    How We Are Leading the Charge

    In terms of the foods we eat, society seems to have gotten off track somewhere. Obesity rates have skyrocketed, and the incidence of Type 2 Diabetes is higher than ever before. Blame the media, the fast-food industry, the hectic pace of today's digital world – it doesn't matter. The fact is, the time for change is now. Wholesome Tummies is the company leading the charge.

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