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Preschool and Daycares

Our meal program is designed for child care centers seeking nutritional excellence. 

Studies show the first five years of life provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to trigger brain and physical development. By partnering with Wholesome Tummies, your facility will join the ranks of discerning early childhood centers that understand the impact proper nourishment has on the development of the whole child. 

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Are your parents demanding a healthier food program?
Parents prioritize nutrition when making decisions about preschool. Wholesome Tummies makes it easy for you to meet their high standards. We provide child care centers with nutritious, clean label, and allergy-friendly foods along with age-appropriate menus that preschoolers love. Parents will feel great that their child is receiving wholesome nutritious meals each day, and you will be proud of your food program.
Does your food program cause you undue stress and admin burden?
We’re here to help. Menu planning, ordering, shopping, cooking, kitchen management. . . Let us take these burdens off your plate by providing menus and meals that little tummies love. Wholesome Tummies will save you time and money by providing a seasonally rotating, CACFP-compliant menu and age-appropriate, ready to eat food. We even have special meals for kids with allergies or other dietary restrictions.

Teachers can tell the difference when their kids eat well.