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Let Wholesome Tummies provide your child care center with a food program you are proud of!
Pure Ingredients
Our foods are made fresh with pure, nutritious ingredients. Since the day we were founded, we promised clean-label foods that energize and nourish young, developing bodies. Our Core Commitments mean our products will never contain the following harmful ingredients: No high fructose corn syrup, No artificial colors or flavors, No artificial MSG, No artificial trans-fats, No artificial nitrates.
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Learn more about our Core Commitments here.
New Flavors
We also understand that it’s not nutrition unless they eat it. Preschoolers are picky, and most prefer recognizable foods to something new. That’s why our team works with young students to understand their likes and dislikes. We procure foods that contain that illusive combination of vital nutrients and different flavors that appeal to young palates. This age group is often the most open-minded to exploring new foods, and the peer pressures of social feeding that is innate to early childhood programs can increase adoption of healthier foods. Our menu allows you to pick and choose items that meet your students wherever they are along their culinary journey.
Menu Variety
With Wholesome Tummies as your food and distribution partner, you have access to a large variety of high quality, consistently prepared, and cost-controlled products. We provide easy and affordable breakfast, AM snack, lunch, PM snack, and supper meals that help free up your time so you can grow your business and service your customers. View Sample Menu here.
Ready to Eat
Our kid-tested and nutritionist-approved meals are ready to eat. They are packaged in individual (unitized) or bulk containers and are offered in age appropriate, CCFP (Child Care Feeding Program) compliant portions. Our meals make it easy for you to manage a successful food program without running all over town for product, or stressing out because your kitchen team called out sick.
Roasted Potatoes 350
Roasted Potatoes
Broccoli 350
Carrots 350
Fruit Salad22
Fruit Salad
Preschool Entre Pasta Marinara Chicken 350
Preschool Entree Pasta Marinara Chicken
Preschool Entree - Boneless Roasted Chicken & Potatoes 350
Preschool Entree Boneless Roasted Chicken & Potatoes
Preschool Entree BBQ Chicken and Corn 350
Preschool Entree BBQ Chicken & Corn
Preschool Entree Mac Cheese chicken 350
Preschool Entree Mac Cheese Chicken
Preschool Entree Pasta Spiral Chicken 350
Preschool Entree Pasta Spiral Chicken
Preschool Entree Taco Mac

Preschoolers Love the Tasty Combination of  Flovors and Textures in Wholesome Tummies Taco Mac!

What A Difference Healthy Eating Makes In the Classroom.